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About Us

We’re strategic.

We’re nonconformist.

We’re Green.

We’re result-oriented.

Maverick Realty is in the business of making our clients’ dreams come true. We don’t take the traditional routes to make that happen. Our unconventional approaches have been honed by 30+ years’ experience in commercial real estate. And we’ve structured the company for a leanness and dexterity that best serves our clients. What’s more, we are well connected to a network of invaluable resources.

Of course we’re also members of the International Council of Shopping Centers.

We are big believers in the Green movement in the real estate/building industry. That’s why we are members of the Piedmont Triad NC Chapter US Green Building Council (USGBC). And why we’re in the midst of two Green developments. The Green approach is not just a marketing gimmick - done right, going Green it is the smartest way to build and refurbish high-performing facilities. And it is not necessarily more expensive. Ask us about the alternatives available to you if you are interested.

We've all worked hard all our lives and are at a point where we have learned how to have fun partnering with the right people who are serious about business and serious about enjoying the process. We are so thankful for how much we've been able to accomplish for our clients so far - they are all smart, great people.


Ray Burnette
(Cell) 336.971.9672
eMail: ray@maverickrealtyinc.com

Joan Burnette
(Cell) 336.971.6647
eMail: joan@maverickrealtyinc.com

Office Manager

Terri Fox
(Office) 336.766.8528
eMail: terri@maverickrealtyinc.com