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Property Management

Maverick Realty has personnel who have been in real estate for a long time. We’ve leveraged that experience into specializing as turnaround agents in property management. We are very pleased to report that we have a proven track record of success in different types of property types. Check out these examples:


Apartment Complex

  • Owner purchased property with 192 units at 73% occupany.
  • Maverick created a unique brand profle and market position.
  • Maverick launched a targeted campaign with multiple waves of advertising.
  • Operational problems were identified and resolved.
  • Occupancy increased to 92% in less than nine months.
  • Complex increased profitability by 10%.


Commercial Building

  • New owners bought 1980's building with 22,000 sq. ft. for small business owners.
  • Maverick immediately made cosmetic changes, built relationships with current tenants.
  • Maverick's strategic plan for the building allowed owners to have profits pay for improvement-no additional investment dollars were needed.
  • Branding and marketing campaign increased occupancy from 70% to 87% in one year.


Shopping Center

  • 118,000 sq. ft. shopping center owners losing money after showing profitability
    for 20 years.
  • Maverick reviewd rent roll, discovered and resolved long-term accounting problems and brought all tenants current with leases.
  • Marketing campaign brought in national tenants' interest to center.
  • New leases brought occupancy to 91% in 11 months.


We are also able to apply our approach to residential properties – be it individual houses or Condominium/Townhouse HOAs.

Now, to be sure, we are happy to manage properties that are not in fiscal distress – and we apply our "Best Practices" management principles to these properties as well. The good news is that our process increases the fiscal fitness of these properties as well.

Our Maverick practices include a unique suite of disciplines, including:

  • The most efficient web solution. This allows tenants to pay online with monthly EFTs, request maintenance concerns and view (only) their payment history. The software we use also allows owners of the property to see the history of events anywhere, any time. All they need is the password that we provide.

    This has given our current clients peace of mind - and the assurance that we hold ourselves accountable for every penny we collect and spend. as well as the most streamlined approach to data collection they’ve ever had.

  • Branding platform and marketing plan. With 20 years of marketing products in other industries, we have transferred the skills and disciplines of marketing to the real estate industry, and apply these disciplines to each property.

    So once you contract with Maverick to management your property, we will develop such a brand and marketing plan to achieve the business objectives you have identified. We know of no other company that has been able to successfully take this approach.

  • Unique financial strategies - We treat each property as if it were our own. And our goal is to harness the operating costs for maximum profitability.

    Our financial modeling – as well as our ability to let the properties pay for their own improvements has delighted our clients.

  • Unparalleled customer service - Admittedly, we see this as a "given". However, our experience tells us that most property management companies are reactive. Instead, Maverick moves proactively, anticipating the next needs that need to be handled. This is not just because we are competent. It’s because we care.